TEG Colleagues

To maximize our flexibility, expertise, value, and economy, TEG is a “virtual company” customized on demand to bring the right experience and the right skills to bear on your issues at the right time.

The TEG colleagues are all equally experienced with at least 25 years experience in their chosen fields. All members of TEG have significant international experience. Key colleagues include Jim Hines, Jim Stegeman and the CostQuest Team, Bill Gillis and the VisionTech360 Team, Dennis Erwin and the Keystone Growth Strategies team, Tim Dunar, Steve Ingram, and Dean Rea. A brief introduction to each is provided below. 

Selected Colleagues:

Jim Hines (owner) consults in all TEG areas with an emphasis on client service routines, business modeling, profitability analysis, decision support, organizational planning and related corporate governance routines. Prior to his work with TEG Jim worked in finance / accounting (at the officer level), marketing, and marketing information systems. Jim is a CPA by background / training.

Jim Stegeman and the CostQuest team consults in all telecommunications and related high tech cost matters for internal management and regulatory issues. Jim and his colleagues at CostQuest also leads our systems design / development work. Prior to his consulting work Jim worked in finance and cost management. Jim holds an MS in Statistics. CostQuest has offices in Cincinnati, Seattle and DC.

Dennis Erwin and Lisa Burns at Keystone Growth Strategies develop clients and help organizations raise capital or attract buyers through an approach called Value Positioning. Built on a unique process that uncovers the most compelling value story and aligns the critical value drivers within the organization, Keystone partners with clients to attract and build relationships with high quality capital sources. Keystone is located in Indianapolis.

Dean Rea is located off shore and consults on a variety of planning and governance matters including planning systems, high performance team management, and project management. Dean provides a unique emphasis on public sector issues. Dean is a Chartered Accountant. Dean’s central office is in New Zealand.

Steve Ingram consults on a variety of organizational governance matters including leadership development, high performance team management, conflict resolution, and strategic planning processes. Steve also consults extensively with not-for-profit management teams. Steve is a CAE. Steve is located in Indianapolis.

Tim Dunar consults primarily in marketing / customer issues, business planning processes, and corporate transformation. Tim has significant experience in alternative (e.g., web-based) channel management issues. Prior to his consulting work, Tim worked in marketing operations, market strategy, planning, and corporate transformation management. Tim holds an MBA in Marketing. Tim is located in Milwaukee.


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