Everybody’s got a story

Everybody’s got a story. Mine’s pretty simple. Oh, maybe a couple of interesting things along the way but overall it’s been and still is pretty simple. Most importantly however, my story (and your story) is not over by a long shot. Maybe some day I’ll put a more detailed version of my story on this site, but for now here’s an abbreviated version of where I’ve come from.

Shy high school kid, decent (read “boring”) student in college, hard work’n young professional (probably to an excess) and just stupid-lucky in a 40+ year career. While I trained as a CPA and wrapped up my corporate career as the Controller of a major corporation, I spent the second half of my career traveling the world teaching and building systems to help accountants think like economists…like shareholders.

On the more important but private side of things, shortly after college (sticking with the “rules” of that day) Kathy and I had two great daughters and are now enjoying watching them raise families of their own. I won’t go into detail on this public site but they were great kids who have become very cool adults and wonderful parents. My contributions to this were pretty feeble…yeah, I was busy working…but Kathy did a great job for the both of us.

And now, bringing us up to today, after 40+ years working in some of the best jobs I could imagine, working in some amazing cultures around the world and having been partnered up with some of the greatest folks I’ll ever know, I decided to retire and explore other enterprising interests. 

So – off we go…working to keep our eyes open and our mind active. Thanks for coming along.

 * * * * * * * * * * * *

Pictured: …an insignificant little shed that continues to serve as a landmark for me. What are the landmarks of your life…and why?